IKO Sosai – Singapore
極真会館 シンガポール

The IKO Sosai (Singapore) was formed not as a result of survival from political struggle, but from a basic desire to honor Sosai. This was spearheaded by Shaun Fernando, who after 10 years of training in Kyokushin Karate, decided to contact the very Honbu of Sosai, because the organization which he was in was no longer in contact with the Honbu established by Sosai. It was only then did Shaun realized that he had strayed from the essence of Kyokushin Karate, Sosai, who was the epitome of Kyokushin Karate. Shocking to him was that all this while he has been pirating the intellectual property rights of Sosai (which is now under the care of Sosai’s daughter, Kuristina), by wearing Dogi with the Kyokushinkai Kanji without permission. He thought to himself, “It is downright shameful and an utter disgrace to call yourself a Kyokushin Blackbelt when you can’t even get basic protocols right.” With the odds stacked against him, he first contacted Shihan Cameron Quinn (long time interpreter of Sosai), whose insights and guidance have been most invaluable.

In October Shaun’s effort were boosted when Shihan Chua Yeow Kee decided that he will also align himself with Sosai’s Honbu. With the support of Shihan Chua, Shaun managed to invite Shihan Cameron Quinn and Shihan Yoshikazu Suzuki (Chief-Instructor of So-Honbu) for a seminar in Singapore in December. It was also the very first time for majority of the students to train under guest instructors. Discussions took place and proving fruitful, IKO Sosai established a branch in Singapore through Shihan Chua and Shaun, with Shihan Chua being appointed as Branch Chief.

The following year it was Sosai’s 12th memorial and both Shihan Chua and Shaun attended. It was also Shaun’s very first visit to Honbu, where he got to honor and pay respect to Sosai, and this was after 12 years since he first started in Kyokushin Karate. Training in Honbu was also an experience… “You can train Kyokushin Karate anywhere around the globe but when you train in So-Honbu itself, it enlivens the “spirit” of Sosai, which I believe is in all by the time they attain blackbelt, or even earlier for those who mature faster.”
– Shaun

“The IKO Sosai (Singapore) will at all times welcome all who come with the right intentions to work and be a part of preserving Sosai’s legacy as well as the history of Kyokushin Karate. The IKO Sosai (Singapore) understands the dilemma that many students face when they have to make a decision to stand up, do what is right and align themselves with Sosai’s So-Honbu. Leaving the organization which you have been training in for so many years is never easy, but if you are not working for Sosai’s Honbu, then you are in actuality against Sosai’s Honbu. Knowing the truth makes no difference…the difference is acting on the truth.”
– Shaun

As of today, the IKO Sosai (Singapore) operates few dojos. If you require more information, please feel free to email us.