Sosai’s Quetos

Quotes From The Master

These are some of the many quotes of Sosai, a master of karate whom many hold in high regards. Such quotes can only come from a man who has truly grasp the essence of what karate really is.

It isn’t your words that count; it’s not even your thoughts that makes a difference. If you would be a budo-ka, the only way is to become truly powerful.

Train your spirit; polish your technique. The true meaning of karate is this: no matter how insignificant the challenge may seem, fight! Battle as though you very life depended on it! Those who would say, “I fear face-to-face fighting. I am afraid of really getting in there and brawling,” are not true karate warriors; they are nothing more than dancers.

True training is this: everyday resolve to challenge your limits and overcome them. Shugyo, or training aimed not just at the physical but at the spiritual too, means that you are resolved to confront your limits and overcome them, no matter what it takes.

What is “ambition“? Is it nothing more than some superficial desire for fame? I don’t think so. I think that the ambition is seeking only wealth and fame, but the will is seeking more personal or spiritual thing.

True ambition is a desire deep in the soul. It sometime pierces our heart with such intensity that we may even be willing to surrender our life in the pursuit of ultimate triumph.